GPN-fk2   Purchasing Guidelines for
Copiers, Printers, Facsimile Machines
Green Purchasing Network (GPN)
These guidelines cover important environmental issues that should be considered when purchasing copiers (using plain paper), laser printers, laser faxes, or their multifunctional devices. The guidelines cover those machines which are used mainly in offices, not including ink-jet printers, thermal faxes, and color copiers.
When purchasing a copier (using plain paper), laser printer, laser fax, or a multifunctional device, the following articles shall be considered for purchasing products with as little environmental burden as possible:
Pj Minimal power consumption during operation and standby mode, (fulfilling requirements for "low energy consumption rate", as stipulated in the Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy, and the International Energy Star program)
Qj Function to reduce the quantity of paper consumed, (i.e. two-sided copying/printing and multiple-page in one page copying/printing)
Rj Recovered at the end of its usage-lifecycle, and its parts reused and recycled as raw materials
Sj A toner cartridge, when used, that will be properly recovered and its parts reused and recycled as raw materials
Tj Incorporate reused parts and/or reproduced plastic materials
Uj Does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium compounds, or specific bromine-based flame-retardants (PBB, PBDE), to the utmost extent possible
 Use of PVC for coated wire
 Use of Bio-plastic(Main body of product)

*These guidelines are subject to change in accordance with new findings and changes in social conditions.
Established Nov 7, 1996
Latest Revised Jan 13. 2007

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Updated Nov 2004
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