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Green Purchasing Network (GPN)
These guidelines cover important environmental issues that should be considered when purchasing refrigerators.
When purchasing refrigerators and freezers, the following articles shall be considered for purchasing products with as little environmental burden as possible:
Pj Minimal power consumption during operation
Qj Materials for refrigerants, insulators, and foaming agents that have minimal effect related to ozone layer destruction and global warming
Rj The manufacturer provides full maintenance service in order to make long-term use feasible
Sj Designed to facilitate recycling of component parts
Tj Made of recycled plastics as much as possible
Uj Does not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium compounds, or specific bromine-based flame-retardants (PBB, PBDE), to the utmost extent possible
Vj When packaged with an in-house user manual, the manual is made and printed with consideration for the environment
Use of PVCs
Use of Bio-plastic(Main body of product)

*These guidelines are subject to change in accordance with new findings and changes in social conditions.
Established Feb 12, 1998

Latest Revised Jan 13. 2007

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Updated Dec 2004
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