GPN-fk11   Purchasing Guidelines for
Office Furniture
Green Purchasing Network (GPN)
These guidelines cover important environmental issues that should be considered when purchasing office furniture such as desks, chairs, filing cabinets, cubicles, and the like.
When purchasing office furniture, the following articles shall be considered for purchasing products with as little environmental burden as possible:

<General Guidelines>

Pj The manufacturer provides full maintenance service in order to make long-term use feasible
Qj Designed to facilitate recycling and re-use of component parts, and conserve resources
Rj The manufacturer provides infrastructure for collection, reuse, and recycling of the used products
Sj Made with a large amount of recycled material
Tj Low release levels of formaldehyde
Uj Low release levels of toluene, xylene, and p-dichloro benzene
<Applying to chairs>
Vj General users are able to exchange the parts on their own
Use of PVCs
Use of bromine flame-retardants
Use of lead, cadmium compound, plumbic compound, and/or mercuric compound
Pulp raw material (provided from properly managed forests)

*These guidelines are subject to change in accordance with new findings and changes in social conditions.
Established Jun 17, 1999
Revised Feb 2004

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Updated Nov 2004
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